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Blog Birthday Party Tag - My Answers

These are my answers to the tag questions as part of Charity's Blog Birthday Party at Austenitis. Thanks Chairty, these birthday questions were so much fun to answer! She has a couple giveaways running so don't forget to take a look.

1. What month is your birthday?
July. July 23rd to be specific.

2. What is your birth-stone? (include a picture!)
The Ruby. Isn't it perfect that I just happen to love red!  My purity ring is my birthstone and I love wearing it.

My ring is similar but with yellow gold.

3. Have you had a party?
I used to have parties all the time as a child, often my mom planned themed parties and decorated by birthday cakes. Now that I'm older my parties are usually celebrated with a special family dinner, sometimes they'll take me to see a movie or play.

4. What was your favorite present ever?
It's hard to decide, I've had so many lovely presents from so many lovely friends and family members through the years! I suppose favorite gifts usually go on a year by year basis. For my 8th birthday my favorite was my American Girl Doll, Kirsten. For my 13th birthday my favorite gift was my purity ring. For my 16th birthday my favorite gift was my Northanger Abbey audio book read by Anna Massey (I've listened to those countless times!). For my 21st birthday my favorite gift was my first laptop.
And this year for my 24th birthday my favorite gift was this delightful "Austen Addict" necklace my sister gave me:

5. Do you know of a flower or plant that blooms in your birth-month?
The larkspur is the flower for my birthday but I'm not sure I'd even recognize one if I saw it.
It's late July so not as many things blooming - some Daylilies, Hydrangeas and maybe Black Eyed Susans. I can't think of any other flowers off hand but there must be lots even in the North eastern US.

6. Do you know of anyone famous who you share your birthday with?
I didn't know of anyone but I had fun looking it up! I found lists of famous people but I only recognized a few of them. Country singer Alison Krauss was born July 23, 1971 and actor Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame) was born July 23, 1989 (two years after me). I'm quite delighted about Alison Krauss, I enjoy listening to her music sometime, especially the song A Living Prayer.
Also interesting, American president Ulysses S. Grant died on July 23, 1885! (A famous pop singer also died this year on July 23. :( I didn't care for her and rather dislike that she died on my day.)

Singer Alison Krauss

7. Have you ever met anyone who shared your birthday?
Yes. The first person I met who shared my birthday was a lady who taught paper making at a home school function, and I remember being surprised and pleased because most of my friends and family had birthdays in winter or early spring. But then when I was researching my dad's family tree I didn't feel so alone because I found that several on my grandmother's side of the family were born July 20-31. Oh yeah, and my dad's brother's birthday is the day before mine so that's pretty neat too. :)

8. What month and day would you love to have your birthday on?
I'm actually very happy to have my birthday on July 23rd. When I work at Christian Summer Camp I often get to celebrate my birthday with the kids and other camp workers and that's very fun. If my birthday couldn't in July then I'd want it in September or October because Fall is my favorite month and it would be lovely to have Autumn themed parties!

9. Name three things you’d love to receive as a gift.
A trip to Ireland! Just kidding, but it's a fun idea! :)
I have a lot of things on my wishlist, mostly books, music and period dramas. I like flowers, candies, ice cream and pretty things. I sometimes give my family a wishlist but usually I don't really care what I get for my birthday because I love anything that comes from my family and friends!

10. Anything random concerning birthdays (or anything else) that you’d like to mention?
I love birthdays! On my birthday I like to dress up a bit (or a lot depending on where I'm going) and just enjoy every moment of my day and let people spoil me a bit (if they want to). And always thank the Lord for giving me another year!

Very Truly Your's,

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