Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Agatha Christie Books To Be Filmed!

Mr. Hercule Poirot
According to this article from The Stage news and actor David Suchet's Twitter page the ITV are in plans to produce the last five Hercule Poirot books, they will star Mr. Suchet!
Agatha Christie is my second favorite author (rivaled only by Jane Austen :D) so needless to say, I'm absolutely delighted! 

The last five books to be filmed are:
Curtain (Poirot’s last case)

Actor David Suchet on the Orient Express
I've waited for a long time to see Dead Man's Folly adapted, it's one of my favorites! And Curtain is such an amazing ending to Hercule Poirot's career. Mr. Suchet is hoping with his fans to see the long absent Hugh Fraser resume his role as Captain Arthur Hastings in Curtain (this story is told in his voice). And quirky author Ariadne Oliver, portrayed by Zoe Wanamaker, should also make an appearance in two of the last films.  

More exciting news is that there will be three new Marple films starring Julia McKenzie as Miss Jane Marple. I'm not as excited about these because only one of the Agatha Christie stories being adapted was originally a Miss Marple story. 

The Marple films will include: 

I do enjoy watching these Marple films because of the great actors who appear in them, especially Julia McKenzie, even though they aren't very close to the original books.

You can't tell I'm excited, can you?  ;) I'm such a mystery buff!

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Edit to add 11/17/11: I've found two other articles of interest about the new adaptations.
--David Suchet to Complete Poirot’s Magnum Opus 
--David Suchet to star in final Poirot adaptations

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Abby said...

I heard this news yesterday! I haven't read many of Agatha Christie's books, but those that I have I've really enjoyed, and I've always loved watching the TV films :) I'm really looking forward to seeing's one of the few that I've read, and completely won me over! Plus I always enjoy being able to read a book first before an adaptation is even attempted! It's always so interesting so see how it compares to your own imagining of it :)
Yes, although the Marple films are always quite different to the book, they're enjoyable nonetheless. I love a good mystery!
Thanks for sharing this!


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