Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gentlemen Of Period Dramas Eyes Quiz!

Quite a while ago I posted a Ladies Of Period Dramas Eyes Quiz that was well received. I've been working on another video quiz featuring the gentlemen of period dramas.

To Play: Look at the 75 photos of eyes of gentlemen from period dramas in the video below. Leave a comment guessing which Character, Actor and Period Drama each pair of eyes comes from. I'll respond with your score. Guess as many times as you wish. An answers video will be posted next week.

Scoring: 1 point for each correctly guessed Character, Actor and Period Drama. A high score of 225 points can be earned.

Note: If your comment is long, you may want to split up your answers in two comments so that it won't be cut off.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jane Austen Supporting Characters Game - Answers!

These are the answers to the Jane Austen Supporting Characters Game from last week. Thank you all for playing! I'm sorry I wasn't able to score your answers during the week as I have been quite busy lately. Your scores are at the bottom of this post.

Secondary Characters Stories:

#1. He was engaged to a sweet young lady but she dies while he is away at sea. He drowns his sorrows in morbid poetry until he falls for a reckless young lady.
Answer: Captain James Benwick, Persuasion

#2. She is the oldest in her family and soon to be considered an old maid. She accepts the first proposal of marriage made to her, even though he was refused by her best friend first.
Answer: Charlotte Lucas, Pride and Prejudice

#3. Her sister matches her up with the oldest son of a wealthy family but she soon finds that the younger son has a much more noble heart. Strangely drawn to him she considers marriage but is turned off by his chosen profession.
Answer: Mary Crawford, Mansfield Park

#4. On a trip to visit his cousin he rescues a young lady and they promptly fall in love. When his aunt threatens to disinherit him, he gives up any thoughts of love and marries an heiress.
Answer: John Willoughby, Sense and Sensibility

#5. She has had a lonely life living with her eccentric father and has a disappointment when her father disapproves of the man she loves. Life get more interesting when her brother falls for her new friend and her happy ending comes when her love inherits a title.
Answer: Eleanor Tilney, Northanger Abbey

#6. He was raised in a wealthy home and seems to have everything going for him, but behind his easy carefree manner is a life of hardship and secrets that he can't tell anyone for fear of being disinherited. 
Answer: Frank Churchill, Emma

#7. She is the rather spoiled youngest sister in her family and her chief pastime is complaining. She married the eldest son of a respectable family after he was refused by her older sister, but their regard for each other is true.
Answer: Mary Musgrove, Persuasion

#8. He never expected to meet an angel at a country ball but she was so sweet that she stole his heart right away. But when his friends object to the match his courage fails him and he starts to wonder if he was mistaken about her. 
Answer: Charles Bingley, Pride and Prejudice

#9.  She is lively and pretty, friendly and flirtatious but her mind is empty and she cares only for the sensational. When her brother's good friend proposes she is ecstatic until she discovers his lack of fortune. Then it is on to the next young man who pays her attention. 
Answer: Isabella Thorpe, Northanger Abbey

#10. He is a man of the law who marries his childhood sweetheart and together they raise a houseful of lively children. Although he usually dislikes social gatherings he does have a quick wit and is strongly attached to his family and friends.
Answer: John Knightley, Emma

Players Scores:
Livia Rachelle - 20 points
Lizzie - 20 points
Melody - 20 points
Miss Sneyd - 20 points
Robert - 20 points
Some Little Good - 20 points
Hamlette - 18 points
Meredith - 18 points
Vicki - 12 points
Mizzie-Me - 10 points
Ashley - 8 points
Emily Ruth - 8 points
Kelsey Carnes - 8 points
Abi - 4 points

Thanks for playing!

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