Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Possible Irish Week Event & A Few Other Things

Some lovely events and challenges are taking place now in the blogging world. I encourage you take a look and join in!

Regency Delight ~Jane Austen, etc.~
Miss Melody at Regency Delight is hosting The Lines of Literature Paraphrase Challenge
The challenge is to take quotes of classic literature and rewrite them in modern language, condensing them and hopefully making them a bit funny. Entries are due by March 5th. 
I had a lot of fun yesterday re-writing some quotes that I hope to enter soon!

Yet Another Period Drama Blog
Miss Dashwood at Yet Another Period Drama Blog is hosting an Anne of Green Gables Week from March 11th-17th, celebrating dear Anne Shirley's birthday and everything related to Avonlea and Green Gables! This sounds like a great event for lovers of the spirited red-head and I look forward to following along.  

Miss Elizabeth Bennet has posted the Second Letter in her Period Drama Advice Event at Elegance of Fashion. This time the letter comes from dear Edward Ferrars! I'm very much looking forward to writing an entry letter before the one week entry deadline. 

In other news St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching and I'm planning a few special posts (or maybe a week long series of posts, but very low key) in honor of the day. So expect posts on all things Irish! 

New Poll: In anticipation of that possible Irish event I've put a poll on my sidebar about whether or not you'd be interested in answering a little St. Patrick's Day / Irish tag just for fun. 

Happy Leap Day everyone! :)

Are you planning to participate in any of these events?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Running Into Nonsense With Flora Finching

The elusive Mrs. F!
Flora Finching is probably the funniest character in Charles Dickens's Little Dorrit. She definitely makes me laugh no matter which film adaptation I'm watching! Her ridiculous sentimental expressions and blundering slips are quite comical.

When I was looking up some of her quotes I was only the teeniest bit surprised to find that her long-winded dialog has few punctuation marks - a couple commas but hardly any period marks! Her lengthy speeches are akin to Miss Bates in Jane Austen's Emma! They just go on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on....(clears throat) anyway!

In the book Arthur and Flora were once in love but never married. Years later when he sees her again nothing is left of the pretty and sweet girl he once new. I love his expression at first seeing Flora in the 2009 miniseries
Haha! Poor Arthur! Not quite what he was expecting! :)

Let's take a look at some of Flora's comedy gold:

"Dear old days gone for ever!"
'You mustn't think of going yet,' said Flora--Arthur had looked at his hat, being in a ludicrous dismay, and not knowing what to do: 'you could never be so unkind as to think of going, Arthur--I mean Mr Arthur--or I suppose Mr Clennam would be far more proper--but I am sure I don't know what I am saying--without a word about the dear old days gone for ever, when I come to think of it I dare say it would be much better not to speak of them and it's highly probable that you have some much more agreeable engagement and pray let Me be the last person in the world to interfere with it though there was a time, but I am running into nonsense again.' 
- Flora Finching, Charles Dickens's Little Dorrit, Chapter 13

I enjoyed the 1988 adaptation's portrayal of Flora, especially the extra bits they took straight from the book! 

Arthur clearly doesn't love Flora anymore and she seems to feel that Arthur must definitely be devoted to young Amy Dorrit. 

  'Ask me not,' said Flora, 'if I love him still or if he still loves me or what the end is to be or when, we are surrounded by watchful eyes and it may be that we are destined to pine asunder it may be never more to be reunited not a word not a breath not a look to betray us all must be secret as the tomb wonder not therefore that even if I should seem comparatively cold to Arthur or Arthur should seem comparatively cold to me we have fatal reasons it is enough if we understand them hush!'
All of which Flora said with so much headlong vehemence as if she really believed it. There is not much doubt that when she worked herself into full mermaid condition, she did actually believe whatever she said in it.

  'Hush!' repeated Flora, 'I have now told you all, confidence is established between us hush, for Arthur's sake I will always be a friend to you my dear girl and in Arthur's name you may always rely upon me.' - Flora Finching, Charles Dickens's Little Dorrit, Chapter 24

Poor Amy! There was little need for Flora to keep saying "hush, hush" as Amy couldn't get a word in edgewise if she wanted to! :)

"Arthur not Doyce and Clennam"
During the story Amy Dorrit does some sewing for Flora at her house. When Arthur Clennam has some life-changing news for Amy he seeks her out and whisks her away leaving Flora to make this departing speech: 

"The dress will never be finished but shall be laid aside and called Little Dorrit!"
'...everybody will congratulate you some in earnest and some not and many will congratulate you with all their hearts but none more so I do assure you from the bottom of my own I do myself though sensible of blundering and being stupid, and will be judged by Arthur not Doyce and Clennam for this once so good-bye darling and God bless you and may you be very happy and excuse the liberty, vowing that the dress shall never be finished by anybody else but shall be laid by for a keepsake just as it is and called Little Dorrit though why that strangest of denominations at any time I never did myself and now I never shall!' - Flora Finching, Charles Dickens's Little Dorrit, Chapter 35

Oh dear! Are you giggling as much as I am? and I haven't even mentioned anything about Mr. F's aunt! 

Flora and Mr. F's aunt make a visit to Doyce and Clennam, Arthur's offices:

'Good gracious, Arthur,--I should say Mr Clennam, far more proper--the climb we have had to get up here and how ever to get down again without a fire-escape and Mr F.'s Aunt slipping through the steps and bruised all over and you in the machinery and foundry way too only think, and never told us!'
Thus, Flora, out of breath. Meanwhile, Mr F.'s Aunt rubbed her esteemed insteps with her umbrella, and vindictively glared.
- Charles Dicken's Little Dorrit, Chapter 24

Dear, delightful, ridiculous Flora! How we love to laugh at you! And how glad we are of poor Arthur Clennam's narrow escape from your nonsense. (boy, that sounded a bit harsh but it's true!) :)
The phrase "excessively diverting" comes to mind with regards to Flora. I think Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennet would have laughed her head off if she'd ever met her! hehe :)

What are your favorite Flora Finching quotes?

Which Jane Austen character do you think would have laughed the most at Flora's silliness? 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Period Drama Hat Quiz

Period Dramas have so many lovely aspects to them. As the actors themselves say time and time again the best part about being in a costume drama are the costumes themselves!

Miss Dashwood's Period Drama Dress Quiz inspired this game. Let's take a look at the many lovely hats worn in period dramas!

To Play: Watch the video below and guess which period drama each hat comes from. There are 80 70 hats in all so guess as many times as you like and feel free to give your guesses in parts.

Note: I just realized that my numbering of the hats jumps from #30 to #40. Keep the same numbering on your guesses and I'll figure the score.

For extra points: Guess which character and actor are wearing in each photo.

Points: One point for each correct answer. Maximum score is 240 210 points.
Note: Maximum score changed because there are only 70 hats.

Forgive the strange blackened faces on the hat wearers! My sister said some of them were just plain scary! haha :) This video took me longer than expected hence why this game is up late today.

An answer video will be posted next week. 

Oh, an not for any points but can anyone name the music from the video? It's an English Country Dance tune but is also used for an Irish Ballad. 

Enjoy! :)

Answers to Degrees of Separation Game

There are the answers for the Degrees of Separation Game I posted last week. The game started with actress Claire Foy and I was quite impressed by the number of you who had correct guesses! 

Here was the original puzzle:

Degrees of Separation Puzzle:
Actress Claire Foy was in Upstairs, Downstairs (2010)
with _____ _____ who was in Wives & Daughters (1999)
with _____ _____ who was in Great Expectations (1999)
with _____ _____ who was in Amazing Grace (2006)
with _____ _____ who was in Emma (2009)
with _____ ___ _____ who was in Mansfield Park (1999)
with _____ _____ who was in The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)
with ___ ______ who was in Pride & Prejudice (2005)
with _______ __________ who was is Little Dorrit (2008)
with Claire Foy!

And here are the answers:
Actress Claire Foy was in Upstairs, Downstairs (2010) [as Lady Persephone Towyn “Lady Persie”]
with Keeley Hawes [as Lady Agnes Holland] who was in Wives & Daughters [as Cynthia Kirkpatrick]
with Justine Waddell [as Molly Gibson] who was in Great Expectations (1999) [as Estella Havisham]
with Ioan Gruffudd [as Philip Pirrip "Pip"] who was in Amazing Grace [as William Wilberforce]
with Ramola Garai [as Barbara Spooner] who was in Emma (2009) [as Emma Woodhouse]
with Johnny Lee Miller [as Mr. Knightley] who was in Mansfield Park (1999) [as Edmund Bertram]
with Frances O'Connor [as Fanny Price] who was in The Importance of Being Earnest (2002) [as Gwendolen Fairfax]
with Judi Dench [as Lady Augusta Bracknell] who was in Pride & Prejudice (2005) [as Lady Catherine DeBourgh]
with Matthew Macfadyen [as Mr. Darcy] who was is Little Dorrit (2008) [as Arthur Clennam] 
with Claire Foy [as Amy Dorrit]!

A few side notes: A few of you rightly pointed out that actor Michael Gambon was also in Amazing Grace and Emma (2009). He was also in Wives & Daughters. :)
Justine Waddell was also in Mansfield Park (1999).
Also actor Blake Ritson who played Mr. Elton in Emma (2009) also played Edmund Bertram in the newer Mansfield Park (2007) and was in Upstairs, Downstairs (2010).
I tried to stick with actors in the leading roles, the one exception here being Judi Dench but I consider her like Emma Woodhouse that "wherever she is she presides". I also tried to choose well known actors (even if some have tricky spelled names!). So while I probably could have chosen Colin Firth in The Importance of Being Earnest (2002) I know taking that path would make the puzzle longer.

Player's Scores - Maximum 130:
Miss Elizabeth Bennet - 130 points
Melody - 130 points
Miss Dashwood - 129 points
Payton Wilson - 110 points
Maria Elisabeth - 95 points
beastsbelle - 80 points
Mary Beth - 80 points
Sara Lyn - 75 points
birdinel - 65 points
Sarah Grace - 65 points
Eva-Joy - 40 points
Rachel Olivia - 40 points
Alexandra - 40 points
Jemimah - 10 points

Much Thanks to everyone who played! I might have to do a similar game sometime soon.

A new game will be up later today!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Robin Hood (BBC TV Series)

I know, you're all probably saying "the Robin Hood TV series? Has Miss Laurie taken leave of her senses?" Well, yes I have gone a little bit crazy! But just bear with my crazy ramblings. :)

Since the first wave of hype and Hood fandom gushed from viewers and flooded the period drama lover's and fantasy fan's websites and blogs I've been skeptical. The Medieval Era isn't my favorite and  modern shows like this usually include scenes and themes that are rough and sometimes explicit.
But my blogging friend Mel (from But when a young lady is to be a heroine and It was but a dream of thee) highly recommended the show, I'm a fan of some of the actors and I've always been interested in the Robin Hood story (Disney's Robin Hood anyone?). So I was minded to attempt the first episode. It began as "well this show is on Netflix so I'll try it" but It didn't take very long before I was hooked! Robin Hood became a bit of an obsession which lasted through watching the whole series - twice!

Story: The show begins when Robin and his faithful servant Much return to England from fighting in the Crusades with King Richard. On his return he finds Sir Guy of Gisborne has mismanaged his estate of Locksley and an evil Sheriff is hurting the people of Nottingham with high taxes. When Robin takes a stand against the injustice he is branded an outlaw and hides out in Sherwood Forest with those he rescues from the Sheriff's evil schemes. Robin gathers a band of outlaws and together they steal from the rich to give to the poor and foil the Sheriff's plots to kill King Richard.

What to expect from Robin Hood: Three seasons, 13 episodes, about 45 minutes each. A gang of interesting and delightful characters led by a brave and bold hero. A virtuous and spirited heroine who is kind and caring and sticks to her beliefs. Villains that constantly make you laugh with their witty antics, even though they are so evil! Laughter and tears. On the edge of your seat fight scenes, daring rescues and true love.
What not to expect from Robin Hood: Very little of the original folk tales and legends surrounding Robin Hood are told here. The character names and place names are pretty much the same and most of the old plot but the actors are cast as younger than most re-tellings of the story and the plot has been changed a lot. Also character portrayals, costumes, weapons and language were modernized a bit to connect with younger audiences.

Let's take a look at the Characters:

Robin Hood - Robin is the star of the show, Master at the bow, Lord of Locksley and quite a worthy hero. He can sometimes be rash, quick tempered and a bit cheeky but he is always honorable, noble, gallant and brave. He is great at both planning and executing rescues and attacks but he charges his men to kill no one if it can be helped. His has natural leading abilities inspire those around him to fight for justice, for King Richard and for England. I'd never seen actor Jonas Armstrong in a role before but I found him completely charming as Robin Hood!
Favorite Robin Quotes: "Trouble has a habit of finding me." - "Now where would be the fun in that?" - "Trust me, I have a plan." - "I like a challenge." - "We have many problems, most of them guard-shaped."

Much - Robin's servant who fought with him for King Richard in the crusades. His is Robin's faithful friend who never gives up on him. Much longs for a quite life and estate of his own but continues to fight alongside Robin in their battle against the Sheriff and Prince John. His weapons are a short sword and a shield, he is skilled in cooking and tends to worry and mother-hen everyone in the gang. He is a bit of comic relief and a lot of fun! A neat fact about actor Sam Troughton is that he found out during filming that his grandfather, also an actor, was also in a Robin Hood TV series playing the role of Robin! Much is definitely at the top of my favorite characters in this series and most of that is due to the actor's delivery.
Favorite Much Quotes: "Excuse me, I think you'll find that's not properly cooked!" - "I hate sayings!" - "I'll cut off my own arms!" (he's very loyal and sweet in this scene, always makes me melt!)  

Will Scarlet - Robin and Much meet up with Will when they return to England. Will is a quiet but brave soul who defends his family and provides for his village. When he and his younger brother Luke are caught stealing food for their village he is branded an outlaws and sentenced to hang. Robin saves them and in return Will fights faithfully alongside Robin and his gang. Will's weapon is the axe but he also uses arrows and sword from time to time. He is a skilled carpenter and helps with the more mechanical aspects of breaking into the castle. He's also a great lookout. I'd seen actor Harry Lloyd in a few roles before and enjoyed this role quite a bit, definitely a favorite.
Favorite Will Quotes: Will Scarlett: [Disguised as a prisoner] So are you gonna leave me locked up here all night? Robin Hood: [Disguised as a guard] ... Yes. Will Scarlett: You're meant to say "no!" "We're here to free you," stuff like that! 

Allan A Dale - When Robin and Much first meet up with Allan he is rather a wayward character but he soon turns his talents for thieving and coning to help Robin provide and protect the village folk. His path isn't always the straightest and he sometimes acts for his own gain but his heart is true to Robin's cause. Allan prefaces many of his sentences with "I'm not being funny but..." but he usually ends up being quite funny! Allan and Much sort of tie for my favorite characters, so it's hard to choose! I'd only seen actor Joe Armstrong (no relation to Jonas above) in one modern role but as soon as I laid eyes on him his strong brow, blue eyes and long "distinguished" nose reminded me of a favorite actor. His father is talented actor Alun Armstrong (known for his roles in Charles Dickens films such as Bleak House, Little Dorrit, David Copperfield and many more!), but though their voices are different their characteristics are strikingly similar.   
Favorite Allan Quotes: "I'm not being funny but isn't getting arrested what we usually try to avoid?" - "Well, what's being chased by angry soldiers between friends, eh?" - "A little bird told him. A little Marian bird." (my favorite!) - "Well, d'you want clever or really clever?" - "I'll kill him. I'm gonna kill him. Bury him, dig him up and kill him again."

Little John - When Robin Hood first enter Sherwood Forest they meet up with a gang of robbers and thieves led by John and his pal Roy (played by actor William Beck) but when Roy is taken by the Sheriff John needs Robin's help to rescue him. It doesn't take much convincing for Robin to convince goodhearted John to rob the rich instead of poor. John is a man of strong faith, a moral compass for Robin and has a soft spot for mothers and children in need. He is often a man of few words but he often has an understanding word or a big fatherly bear hug for people in distress. His weapon is the staff, his strength is greater than ten men, his heart is affectionate and his knowledge of herbal remedies comes in handy several time. I also love the odd way he forms his sentences! Actor Gordon Kennedy has a sold and warm performance and adds a hint of a Scottish accent to one of the best portrayals of Little John I've ever seen. 
Favorite John Quotes: "A stronger man I never knew." - "Killing we do not do!" - "Him I like!" - "Him I am proud to know, you I am stuck with!" - "It's a good day to die!" - "She's worth more than any treasure. Don't let her slip through you fingers."

Djaq - A few episodes into Season One Robin's gang meet up with spirited Djaq (pronounced Jack) who is being sold as a Saracen slave. The gang save her and in return she fights bravely alongside them. Her knowledge of medicine and science comes in very handy in patching up the reckless guys and out smarting the Sheriff. As the only girl in Robin's Gang she has to be tough. She often sets the guys straight, fights fiercely and notices many things others do not. Actress Anjali Jay makes the character of Djaq spunky, sweet, witty and a great asset to the group. 
Favorite Djaq Quotes: Much: "What is it girls eat?" Djaq: "Special girl's food." - "Men are so predictable." - "So I admire you. All of you. You are good men. Brave, generous, kind, decent men. And I love you, all of you. And I am proud to be amongst you. ...And you're filthy, and you really stink, and you have no souls. I have to be honest!"

Marian - Lady Marian is the daughter of Sir Edward the old Sheriff. She lives at Knighton Hall with her father and cares for him. Marian liked Robin before he went to war but when things go wrong at home she resents his leaving. Marian and her father disagree with the Sheriff's unjust ways but they play inside his rules and use their influence to help the people of Nottignham and neighboring villages. She is pursued by Sir Guy of Gisborne but her heart belongs to Robin Hood and he never fails to make her smile! Marian is kindhearted, pure, ladylike, brave, spunky and smart - a new favorite heroine for me! I'd never seen actress Lucy Griffiths in a role before but I'm a big fan now and would love to see her do some costume drama roles!
Favorite Marian Quotes: "Grow up!" [to Robin on several occasions] - "Everything is a choice; everything we do." - "I'd love to argue with you but we haven't got the time." - "We have never once spoken the truth to each other. I call you a fool when I mean you are a hero."  

Sir Guy of Gisborne - Robin comes home from war to find that Gisborne has taken residence in Lockley Manor, mismanaged his estate and mistreated his people. Gisborne is the Sheriff's right-hand man and does his bidding in order to gain power and wealth. He is a ruthless warrior and his weapon is a sword and often a bow and arrow. He has a soft spot for Lady Marian and asks her to marry him unaware that she tell every bit of the castle's secrets to Robin Hood. He's an easy character to dislike but he does have a few good qualities which make you feel a bit sorry for him. Richard Armitage is one of my favorite actors and even though this "bad guy" role isn't my favorite his talent is still amazing and he embodies the character he's portraying! The funny thing about seeing him in this role was the number of phrases that reminded me of Mr. Thornton from North & South such as "master" and "strike". 
Favorite Gisborne Quotes:  "I am a man of substance, means, power, lineage." - "I have nobody so I choose power." - "You must be the least easiest won woman in England." [to Marian] - "Is it such a difficult choice? Between death and being my wife?" - "She saw good where there was none. She made me a better man."

Vaisey, Sheriff of Nottingham - Now Sheriff of Nottingham, Vaisey rules with an iron hand. He acts purely from selfish gain, is ruthless and merciless. He hates Robin Hood for foiling his plans at every turn and desires "Hood's" head at every turn. His main weapon are his guards which he orders to do his dirty work. The Sheriff is pure evil! He's very easy to dislike but yet he has so many quirks and sayings that make him a comical character, and it's especially fun to see his reactions when Robin messes up his evil schemes! Every story needs a villain and actor Keith Allen deserves kudos for his interesting portrayal! 
Favorite Sheriff Sayings: "I like this. This is good." - "Sheriff coming through!" - "Your parties are much more interesting than mine!" - "You have, shall we say, two days? A joke: two hours!" - "A clue: no." - "La-di-da-di-da!" - "Stop whining Gisborne. If I had wanted a wife I'd have found one with better legs." - "Robin! Robin! Come out, come out, wherever you are."

Isabella - The beautiful but often treacherous Isabella comes is one of four new characters in the third season. She changes sides several times during the show but usually chooses the side with the most advantage to her. Like Little John "her I do not like" but she is a vital part of the later episodes and wears lovely Medieval style dresses (and take a look at those cool shoes in the photo above!). Actress Lara Pulver does an amazing job with the changing moods of Isabella and is just lovely throughout.

Tuck - Brother Tuck is another character in Season Three and a favorite of mine. He encourages Robin Hood to keep up the fight and helps him see that the idea and legend of Robin Hood is an encouragement to England to fight for justice. Although Tuck is a man of faith he's also a brave and bold fighter. He joins Robin's gang, helps to plan attacks and inspires great gallantry in the men and townsfolk. I'd seen actor David Harewood in a few things (he's also the voice of Henry Tilney in one BBC Radio Play of Northanger Abbey!) so I was excited to see him in the role.
Favorite Tuck Quotes: "Stories are good. Stronger than truth. Heroes inspire us." - "I have nothing in my life except my God and my country.

Kate - Kate comes in the Third Season and is a bit of a love interest from Much and Allan. She meets up with Robin Hood when her brother Matthew is arrested and she sets off to rescue him from the Sheriff's clutches. When she is branded an outlaw she has little choice but to join Robin Hood's gang. Although she protests at first she is has a very brave spirit, loyal nature and loving heart. Those of you who have seen Downton Abbey will remember actress Joanne Froggatt from her role as the maid Anna. I liked her role in Downton Abbey and found it a bit strange seeing Joanne in this role but she did a lovely job.
Favorite Kate Quotes: "We all thought you were gone forever. My little sister thinks Robin Hood's just a story..." - "Now that's the Gisborne we all know and loathe." - "The best thing you can do is just vanish."  

Prince John - Although he's mentioned throughout the series Prince John comes to Nottingham in Season Three and causes a lot of trouble. As a power hungry psychopath he is even more dangerous and crazy than Gisborne or the Sheriff! His plots to kill King Richard and take the throne of England take a lot of effort for Robin Hood and his gang to thwart them. Toby Stephens is a talented period drama actor who I have seen in many roles but as Prince John he must have had so much fun delivery the super silly lines!
Favorite PJ Quotes: “Do you not love me?” - “Oh! You adorable girl!” - “Long live me.” - People:But we don't have that kind of money!Prince John:Then sell something – some grain, a goat, a cow, a grandparent, anything!

Special Guests - Besides the regular cast there are many guest stars who appear on Robin Hood for an episode or two. It was fun to see actors from other period dramas show up in Medieval costume! Guest stars include: Sam Hazeldine (Charles Musgrove, Persuasion 2007), William Beck as Roy (John Thorpe, Northanger Abbey 2007), Josie Lawrence as the very funny medicine woman Matilda (The Old Curiosity Shop and Enchanted April), David Bamber as the blundering Physician Blight (Mr. Collins, Pride & Prejudice 1995), Denis Lawson as Winchester (John Jarndyce, Bleak House) and Holliday Grainger as a very sweet Meg (Diana Rivers, Jane Eyre 2011 and Estella, Great Expectations 2012).

Costumes: Each character has their own style depending on their role in the story. Robin Hood and his gang are outlaws living in the woods so their clothing is in shades of browns and tans. Their clothing also gets a bit worn in places and often looks like they and their clothing could use a good washing. Villains like Guy and the Sheriff usually wear black. Guy wears leather suits and armor, the Sheriff wears richer fabrics which flaunt his position of power. 
Marian's Costumes: Yes, her costumes deserve a separate category! I loved Marian's style! She has some lovely costumes in many different shades and fabrics depending on what role she's taking in the scene - on Robin's side or in the castle feigning sweetness to Guy and the Sheriff. As the series progressed I found Marian's costumes to become more modern in style so that she went from wearing lovely Medieval Style gowns to more fitted and sometimes low cut blouse and skirt (still long shirts, but sometimes pants) sets. But she always looked sweet and feminine is the things she wore. And Marian's hairstyles were my favorite!  
Mel at But when a young lady is to be a heroine has done an interesting study on Marian's Season One costumes in four parts (one, two, three, four) and has reviewed Season One.

Music: A very catchy opening tune and a bunch of songs used throughout set the theme for the scenes without being too overpowering. There was a soundtrack for the series put out and Wikipedia has a list of tracks. 

My Thoughts: How do I love Robin Hood? let me count that ways! I didn't expect to like the series so much but as I started watching I found the characters fun to watch and it's so easy to get wrapped up in their very interesting stories. Each episode has a problem to be solved, complex rescues, great humor and many twists and turns. It's fun to see the many clever ways the gang schemes up for getting in and out of the castle, especially in the dungeons! The sword fighting, battles and daring escapes had me on the edge of my seat. There are stories of great friendship and sweet romance. But be forewarned, sometimes you get quite attached to a character and they don't necessarily stick around very long. I'm reminded of finishing the series with my sister and both of us sobbing so much that we got the giggle fits! Yes, we're a bit obsessed with the show right now! :)  

Recommendations: I highly recommend this Robin Hood (TV Series) to those who enjoy the story of Robin Hood and adventures. This might not be for every costume drama fan and parts will be too scary for younger children. There isn't any swearing and there's only one or two scenes toward the end of the series that could be considered inappropriate. I appreciated that Robin and Marian's relationship is kept to holding hands and kissing as are most other relationships. There is cruelty from the Sheriff and other villains, threats such as tongues being cut out, fingers cut off or other tortures are mentioned but not usually seen being carried out. There is a lot of fighting and some fake blood when a character is injured but Robin's gang try not to kill or seriously injure even the castle guards. I didn't like that although it is generally accepted that people in England were "Christians", Robin (who has been in the Holy Land) a few times he quotes what he's read of the Koran, so called good sayings. Djaq from time to time mentions praying to her Muslim god and that the gang should pray to their's and she says "Praise Alah" a couple times. There is one episode that talks about the Bible being forbidden to be translated into English and Tuck says it would be a great thing if God's words were available for the people to read for themselves. That episode also features the Sheriff using religion for his own ends. Overall they tend to chose a more modern view of accepting both religions which is a bit sad but not a major part of the series. Overall don't expect a sweet Robin Hood flick like the Disney cartoon movie (which I've loved for years!) but do expect a lot of fun and adventure! If Robin Hood sounds interesting to you I recommend you start with the first episode and see what you think.

Here's a fun promo video for the first series! Robin is too funny! :)

So that's Robin Hood! I had too much fun making the character photos for this post. The second time I watched the series I collected a bunch of favorite quotes. This series is definitely on my top favorites list now! So I'm off to find out what the official name for a Robin Hood fan is. Wonder if it's something clever like Hoodian?

Are you a Robin Hood fan? 
Do you have a favorite character from this Robin Hood TV Series?
Do you have a favorite quote mentioned here? 
Have you seen any other version of the Robin Hood story?

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