Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award has been passed around lately and I've very kindly been awarded by Miss Dashwood, Ella, Melody and Miss Elizabeth Bennet! Thank you ladies, this is a fun award! 

For this award I need to share seven random things about myself:

1. My family and I adopted two new cats last Wednesday. Shawn is black with white paws and "ascot" (or cravat!) and Gus has longer all black fur and golden eyes. They are settling in nicely although our younger cat Gunther is still a bit scared around them.
2. I'm about halfway through reading Dickens' A Tale Of Two Cities and quite enjoying it but I can't wait to start reading Great Expectations.
3. I've been eating a lot of pizza for lunch and dinner lately, like four out of the last five days! Good thing I like pizza! :) 
4. My hair was in need of a trim so my mom gave me a haircut today - just a bit off the ends so it feels and looks healthy now. 
5. Salt & vinegar potato chips are my one weakness! (well lately I've found them strangely addictive!)
6. I've been enjoying Season 2 of Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Theatre. My favorite characters are Matthew, Mary and I'm liking Edith a lot better this season. 
7. The job I have now has been working out very well even with all the snow we've been having lately. When the school has a snow day I get a snow day too! And I love the elderly lady I'm taking care of she's quite something!

Now to award 10 more people:
1. Net Movie Blogger at It's A Wonderful Movie
3. Raquel at God's Daughter
4. Mom Walt at Mom Wald's Place
6. EvaJoy at Between The Covers
7. Elizabeth Bristol at In The Garret
8. Pallavi at Period Movie Box
9. Elizabeth at The Endless Road
10. and anyone else who would like it I award you too! :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Disney Blog Buttons Contest

Disney movies (especially the princess stories) were among some of my favorite films growing up so when Stephanie at Eccentricitee posted a Disney Blog Buttons Contest I just couldn't resist the challenge!  And as you'll notice I couldn't help using great quantities of Jane Austen quotes in my entries! :)

Disney Movie: Snow White
Quote: Admiral Croft, Persuasion by Jane Austen 

Disney Movie: Mulan
Quote: Mr. Bennet & Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Disney Movie: Mulan
Quote: Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Quote: lyrics of song 'I Feel Pretty' from the musical West Side Story

Disney Movie: Tangled
Quote: Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

Thanks for hosting this contest Stephanie! I had so much fun making these and seeing other people's entries. :)

Don't forget to check out Stephanie's blog Eccentricitee and enter some buttons of your own!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Period Films Song Quiz

The Period Drama Theme Song Quiz in December was so popular I knew another song game was in order! Last time the songs were mostly from BBC period drama miniseries but this time the songs come from TV films, miniseries and movies. Also note that there might be songs from a couple miniseries that were used last time (just different songs).

To Play: Listen to the 20 clips and leave a comment guessing which period films you think the song clips come from (note: you don't have to guess the name of the song, just the film). I'll respond with your score. Guess as many times as you wish. 

Scoring: 5 points will be awarded for each correctly guessed period drama so that a total of 100 points can be earned. 

I think this quiz might be a bit harder than the first one in some ways but hopefully it will be just as fun. This quiz doesn't have as many breaks as the last one and is longer to fit in all 20 clips.

Enjoy! :)

Very Truly Your's

Bronte Sisters Unscramble Game - Answers!

These are the answers to the Bronte Sisters Unscramble Game that was posted last week. I know their stories aren't as popular as other classic works but there were a very good number of you who played the game and got right answers!

Here are the answers (and novels characters come from if you're interested):

Female Characters
1. BRAMHGE INLANC - Blanche Ingram (a character in Jane Eyre)
2. HNAHA GELERM - Helen Graham (heroine of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall)
3. AREYS GGNE - Agnes Grey (heroine of Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte)
4. LOWU SCYNE - Lucy Snowe (heroine of Villette)
5. CARNSAINE EERHTHAW - Catherine Earnshaw (heroine of Wuthering Heights)

Male Characters
6. EOCRSD RDWERAHET - Edward Rochester (hero of Jane Eyre)
7. HFHCEATLIF - Heathcliff (from Wuthering Heights)
8. ENTOR LANIDG - Edgar Linton (from Wuthering Heights)
9. SV RSJN ROHTIE - St. John Rivers (from Jane Eyre)
10. RASORDA MICHN - Richard Mason (from Jane Eyre)

11. NYRE EJAE - Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte
12. WNTSHEIEG HUTGHRI - Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte
13. VEETILTL - Villette written by Charlotte Bronte
14. SEYRLHI - Shirley written by Charlotte Bronte
15. LTI TELDEN AO WFANTHEL HLLF - The Tenant of Wildfell Hall written by Anne Bronte

The three Bronte sisters wrote under the pen names Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell when they were younger and a book of their early poetry was published in 1846. Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre, ShirleyVillette, The Professor and Emma (unfinished) among other Juvenilia works; Emily Bronte wrote Wuthering HeightsAnne Bronte wrote Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

Much thanks to those who played:
Christine & Elsa - 37 points
Livia - 36 points
Melody - 37 points
Sarah Grace - 36 points
birdienl - 32 points
Miss Elizabeth Bennet - 32 points
Sarah - 32 points
Jemimah - 30 points
Miss Dashwood - 29 points
Emily Ruth - 17 points
Charity - 14 points
Ella - 7 points

I've read Jane Eyre and bits of Wuthering Heights and Villette (which I really want to finish some day). I really want to read Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (which I've heard is much better than the film adaptation). I've seen almost all of the Jane Eyre film adaptations available in the USA, three Wuthering Heights film adaptations and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1998).

Which of the Bronte sisters' novels have you read?
Have you seen film adaptations of their works?

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Jane Austen Devotional - Review & Giveaway

Amazon Listing

A few months ago I posted about the impending release of A Jane Austen Devotional (see post with book trailer video here).
Because of the interested in it then and because I'm so delighted with my own copy I knew I had to write this review!

Compiled and Written by Steffany Woolsey

Synopsis: "For decades, the beautiful and classic works of Jane Austen have transported readers to a world of grace, wit and simplicity. In this unique devotional, her writing is newly illuminated by showcasing the biblical insights on living and loving. 
More than 100 devotions accompanied by scriptures are paired with excerpts from Austen's best-known novels offering thoughtful reflections and delightful repose. Allow words from Pride and Prejudice to enlighten you on God's unconditional love, and let a selection from Emma encourage you to hope in the Lord. 
Through these pages, you can revisit timeless Christian values and reflect once again on the true meaning of love, honor, and godly character. It all begins with a stroll through the garden with Jane Austen." - from back cover jacket 

Binding: Although I was expecting a much smaller size, this volumes measures 7.7 x 5.3 inches. The hardcover is dressed in a canvas-like material that features a black and cream toile design with red title on the front and side (the back cover is especially pretty when you take the jacket off!). The 224 pages have a sturdy thickness to them and a clear readable font is used on each page. A cream colored ribbon bookmark makes keeping track of your place very easy.

Content: A well laid out Table of Contents lists each devotional by it's title and give the page numbers. An Introduction from the author mentions the lessons on true love and meaningful character that Jane Austen includes in each of her novels. The reader is encouraged to let the words of Jane Austen inspire you to meditate on God's Word and shape your own character. The devotionals fill up pages 2 to 209, each devotional is on two facing pages with the title of each devotional in larger letters. At the back of the books is a short biography of Jane Austen which especially mentions her own religious beliefs and to the "frequent - if subtle - allusions to her Christian faith and church up-bringing" in her novels. A Timeline of Miss Austen's major novels is listed. The book begins and ends with two of Jane Austen's Evening Prayers which she wrote as a young woman.

Devotionals: There are 104 devotionals in all (I counted!). Each devotional begins by quoting a good sized portion from one of Jane Austen's six major novels: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. The devotional thought is on the facing page and is followed by a very of scripture. The devotional thoughts either contrast the mistakes made by Jane Austen's characters with scripture or praise the characters for following Christ's example to us. Scriptures are mentioned and usually quoted in each devotional thought and scripture references are given for further reading. Scripture passages quote in A Jane Austen Devotional are taken mostly from the English Standard Version of the Bible but other versions are used such as King James Version, New International Version and The Living Bible.

My Thoughts: I highly recommend this book! I was so excited when I heard this devotional was coming out and I was not disappointed! This is a very beautiful volume! Author Steffany Woolsey did a lovely job in her selecting the passages from Jane Austen's novels. Most quotes will be familiar to those who have read the novels, but even if you haven't read the novels the devotional thoughts Ms. Woolsey has written usually begin by summarizing what is happening in that particular scene. I haven't read all of the devotionals yet, but I've really enjoyed and been challenged spiritually by the ones I have read. Each devotional has the sweet mixture of quotes from Jane Austen's witty works and spiritual truths that are given clearly and in a way that inspires the reader to live according to God's Word. I love that the devotionals are short enough to read before bed or on a lunch break but long enough to give the reader a chance to pause for a peaceful moment's reflection.

Now, what you've all been waiting for! 
Because I'm enjoying this book so much I am pleased to giveaway one copy of A Jane Austen Devotional to one luck reader!

Mandatory To Enter:
-Leave me a comment and tell me which Jane Austen character you think would be most interested in this book. (1 entry)

For extra chances to win: 
-Post about this giveaway on your blog and comment with the link to your post.  (1 extra entry)
-Put this giveaway button on your blog and leave the link to your blog.  (1 extra entry)

Old-Fashioned Charm

This giveaway is open to people in the USA only.
All entries must be in by Friday, February 3rd, 2012 at 11:59pm.
The winner will be announced Saturday, February 4th at which time to winner must contact me otherwise a new winner will be drawn.

Very Truly Your's,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Announcing: Charles Dickens Birthday Week!

Author Charles Dickens was born February 7, 1812 and is one of the best loved writers in classic literature. This year marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens's birth. In honor of this event I'm hosting a Charles Dickens Birthday Week here at Old-Fashioned Charm from February 5-11.

The posts each day will include games, tag questions to answer, giveaways, reviews, guest posts and other delightful Dickensian things to read! I hope all of you will join me in celebrating the life and works of Mr. Dickens!

Birthday Week Posting Schedule
Saturday 11th: Conclusion Post

Join In The Fun: 
During this week I encourage you to post about Charles Dickens on your own blog. Tell about your favorite Dickens novel, share favorite moments from a Dickens film adaptation, write about a favorite Dickensian character, pen a birthday letter or poem to Mr. Dickens, or make some fan art with screencaps and quotes.  If you post something related to Charles Dickens life or works be sure to let me know!    

Want to tell others about this Charles Dickens Birthday Week? Use one of the buttons below. 
Also feel free to use these buttons when you post anything related to Charles Dickens during his birthday week or when you post your answers to the tag questions!


Old-Fashioned Charm


Old-Fashioned Charm

Yes, I got a little carried away with the buttons but I wanted to give ya'll lots of options! I'm terribly excited, are you?

Will you consider writing a Charles Dickens related post?
Which button is your favorite?

Monday, January 23, 2012

An Event and Some Voting

Miss Elizabeth Bennet is hosting a Period Drama Advice Event at Elegance of Fashion
The event officially starts February 13th but Miss Elizabeth is already posting interesting tips for writing response letters in the style of period drama characters. 

My Heigh-ho/P&P button has made it into the finalist in the Period Drama Button Contest at Yet Another Period Drama Blog. There are twelve finalist in all so I encourage all of you and vote for your favorites! ;)

Hope you're having a good day! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bronte Sisters Unscramble Game

This game was a suggestion from Livia of Rose Petals and Fairy Dust. Thank you, this was a wonderful idea!

The Bronte family was very talented in writing, painting and many other creative pursuits. It was their brother Bramwell who painted this portrait of the three literary sisters Anne, Emily and Charlotte Bronte.

To Play: Each of the 15 puzzles below contain names of characters and novels written by the Bronte sisters. Try to unscramble the words and put your answers in a comment. I'll respond with your score. Guess as many times as you wish!

Points: One point for each correctly unscrambled word / name for a total of 32 points. For 5 extra points name which sister wrote each of the five novels listed!

Female Characters
1. BRAMHGE INLANC (2 names)
2. HNAHA GELERM (2 names)
3. AREYS GGNE (2 names)
4. LOWU SCYNE (2 names)

Male Characters
8. ENTOR LANIDG (2 names)
9. SV RSJN ROHTIE (3 words)
10. RASORDA MICHN (2 names)

11. NYRE EJAE (2 words)
13. VEETILTL (1 words)
14. SEYRLHI (1 words)

The answers will be posted next week!

Period Film Quotes Game - Answers!

These are the answers to the Period Film Quotes Game which I posted last weekend. 

 Many thanks to everyone who play and guessed the films and characters! Sorry it was a bit tricky compared to the last quotes game but I'm glad you all seemed to enjoy it just the same! :)

First things first, the answer to the Bonus question "which Jane Austen adaptation film set the photo above comes from" is Mansfield Park (2007). One big hint is the appearance of the harp (not sure why there's two harps there), which doesn't feature in many other adaptations. Also in the film Lady Bertram lounges on that sofa with her pug.

Now the answers to the quotes! 
(High scores are at the bottom.)


Quote #1

Lucy Steele: Anne? What have you done?
Anne "Nancy" Steele: I'm sorry! It just popped out!

Film: Sense and Sensibility (2008)


Quote #2

Citizen Chevalian: We shall execute our king instead, sir, and exalt our tailors.
Sir Percy Blakeney: More's the pity. Then your tailors will rule the land, and no one will make the clothes. So much for French fashion, and French politics.

Film: The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982)


Quote #3

Mr. John Jarndyce: You can love each other very well - from a distance.

Film: Bleak House (2005), said to Richard Carstone and Ada Clare 


Quote #4

Thomas Brown: I assure you Margaret there is no cause for alarm. It is merely that my congested condition rendered the taking of a breath through my nose an impossibility since at the time I was also unable to breath through my mouth.
Margaret Brown: I am so sorry!
Thomas Brown: The sensation, I must report, was far from unpleasant, though the bump on my head does throb rather.

Film: Lark Rise to Candleford, Season 3, Episode 3
Said after a very nasal congested Thomas fainted while Margaret was kissing him!


Quote #5

Mr. Henry Tilney: Now I must give you one smirk, then we can be rational again.

Film: Northanger Abbey (2007)
Said to Catherine Morland by Henry Tilney, the king of smirks!


Quote #6

King George V: In the past all a King had to do was look respectable in uniform and not fall off his horse. Now we must invade people's homes and ingratiate ourselves with them. This family is reduced to those lowest, basest of all creatures, we've become actors!

Film: The King's Speech (2010)


Quote #7

Professor Kirke: You seem to have upset the delicate internal balance of my housekeeper.
Peter Pevensie: We're very sorry, sir, it won't happen again.
Susan Pevensie: It's our sister, sir. Lucy
Professor Kirke: The weeping girl?
Susan Pevensie: Yes, sir. She's upset.
Professor Kirke: Hence the weeping.

Film - Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (2005)


Quote #8

Sir Walter Elliot: I must say, though, the worst of Bath is the number of plain women. I frequently observe that one pretty face would be followed by five and thirty frights.

Film: Persuasion (2007), but said in the book and other adaptations.


Quote #9

Mrs. Hannah Thornton: A mother's love holds fast and forever. A girl's love is like a puff of smoke - it changes with every wind.

Film: North and South (2004)
Said to Mr. John Thornton by his mother after his proposal is refused by a certain young lady.


Quote #10

Colin Craven: Hair is dead.
Mary Lennox: If it's dead, why does it keep growing all the time, even after you're dead? Well, maybe not your hair. You'll probably be bald.
Colin Craven: Don't be daft. I'll die before I'm ever old enough to go bald.
Mary Lennox: I hate the way you talk about dying.
Colin Craven: Everyone thinks I'm going to die.
Mary Lennox: If everyone thought that about me, I still wouldn't do it.

Film: The Secret Garden (1993)


Quote #11

Mrs. Austen: Affection is desirable. Money is absolutely indispensable!

Film: Becoming Jane (2005)
Sounds rather like Mrs. Bennet doesn't it? Thankfully Jane Austen's real mother was more like Fanny Price than Mrs. Bennet!


Quote #12

Aunt Betsy Trotwood: Let me see you ride a donkey over my green again, and I'll knock your bonnet off. And tread upon it!

Film: David Copperfield (1999)


Quote #13

Mr. Edward Rochester: I knew you would do me good in some way. I saw it in your eyes when I first beheld you.

Film: Jane Eyre (2011), but said in the book and other adaptations.


Quote #14

Don Pedro: I shall see thee, ere I die, look pale with love.
Benedick: With anger, with sickness, or with hunger, my lord. Not with love.

Film: Much Ado About Nothing (1994)


Quote #15

Mr. Nicodemus Boffin: I already have in my employ a literary man with a wooden leg.

Film: Our Mutual Friend (1998)


Quote #16

Lady Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham: Oh my dears. Is it really true? I can't believe it. Last night he looked so well. Of course it would happen to a foreigner. It's typical.
Lady Mary Crawley: Don't be ridiculous.
Lady Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham: I'm not being ridiculous. No Englishman would dream of dying in someone else's house - especially somebody they didn't even know.

Film: Downton Abbey, Season 1, Episode 3


Player Scores:
Abby - 35 points
Miss Elizabeth Bennet - 33 points
Miss Dashwood - 30 points
Livia - 23 points
Melody - 22 points
Stephanie - 19 points
Tillie - 17 points
Bea - 14 points
Anne-girl - 13 points
Emily - 12 points
Emily Ruth - 11 points
Emma - 11 points
Sarah Grace - 11 points
Charity U - 8 points
Ella - 5 points
Julia - 5 points
Naomi - 5 points
Eva-Joy - 3 points
Jemimah & Sarah - thanks for your guesses on the photos!

Thanks for playing everyone and making this game a huge success! :)

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