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Period Films I Recommend

[Read My Review] – Click on links next to period dramas below to read my review. Although I've watched all of the films below at least once I've only had time of review a handful of them but more reviews are on their way! Check our My Film Reviews page.

[My Music Video] – Click on these links next to period dramas below to watch videos, with music and photos from the films, on my OldFashionedCharm YouTubeChannel!

Note: Please remember that some of the films listed below may contain scenes or subject matters that may not be completely appropriate for children. Please feel free to ask me about material in any films!
Refer to this letter coding which will mark objectional scenes or themes in the films listed below:
(L) = Language / cursing
(V) = Violence / dark themes
(S) = Sexual innuendo / suggestive themes or scenes

Check out more information about some of these period dramas in my post Period Drama Film Tournament - Contestant Reviews.
Also search titles at Internet Movie Database (IMDb) or Wikipedia for more info before viewing.

If you have any suggestions to add to this list or would like to request a review of a film listed here please contact me at: OldFashionedCharming(at)gmail(dot)com

JANE AUSTEN FILMS   [Read About My Favorites]
Becoming Jane (S) 
Death Comes To Pemberley (2013) (S, V)  [Read My Review]
Emma (1972)   [Read My Review] [My Music Video
Emma (1996)   [My Music Videos – One & Two] 
Emma (1997)   [My Music Videos] 
Emma (2009)   [My Music Video] 
Lost In Austen (S, L)   [My Music Video] 
Mansfield Park (1983)   [My Music Video] 
Mansfield Park (1999) (S) - strong themes   [My thoughs on MP Adaptations] 
Mansfield Park (2007)   [My Music Videos - One, Two & Three] 
Miss Austen Regrets   [My Music Video] 
Northanger Abbey (1986)   [My Music Video] 
Northanger Abbey (2007) (S) - two brief scenes easily skipped  [My Music Video]
Persuasion (1971)   [My Music Video] 
Persuasion (1995)   [A Look At Anne Elliot]  [My Music Videos 
Persuasion (2007)   [My Thoughts] [My Music Videos – One & Two] 
Pride & Prejudice (1940) 
Pride & Prejudice (1980)   [Read My Review] [My Music Video] 
Pride & Prejudice (1995)  [My Music Video]
Pride & Prejudice (2005)   [My Music Video] 
Sense & Sensibility (1971)   [Read My Review] [My Music Video] 
Sense & Sensibility (1981)   [My Music Videos - One & Two] 
Sense & Sensibility (1995)   [My Music Video – One & Two] 
Sense & Sensibility (2008) (S) - one scene at the very beginning   [My Music Video] 
The Real Jane Austen (2002 Documentary)   [Read My Review]


Road to Avonlea (1989 TV Series)
A Little Princess (1995) (V) - contains some scary scenes
The Little Princess (1939)
The Secret Garden (1993) (V) - contains a few scary scenes

Black Beauty (1994) (V) - a scary fire scene  [My Music Video]
Stranded (based on The Swiss Family Robinson)
The Sign of the Beaver (a.k.a. Keeping the Promise)
Treasure Island (1990)
Treasure Island (2012) (V, L, S,) - tame pirate violence, mild language, slightly off color jokes [Read My Review] [My Music Video]
Tuck Everlasting (2002) (V) - dark themes  [Read My Review]

From Time To Time (2010) (V) - a scary scene   [My Music Video]
Mirror, Mirror (2012) (V) - fighting a scary dragon  [Read My Review]
The Three Musketeers (1993) (S, V) - low bodice gowns, sword fighting
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