Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Gifts - Family Edition

So this is me again showing off some of the many lovely Christmas gifts I received this year. This time here are some photos of gifts received from my family.


My sister Miss Bea gave me two lovely journals with lined paper and four colored gel pends to write in them. Now I not only have a book to write stories or ideas in but I also plan on using one of these books to fill up with delightful quotes and poems I find! I've almost filled up my fourth book of quotes and I can't wait to start on a fifth! Once filled these books are so much fun to page through and an encouragement to read. Bea also made me a pillow case!

Miss Bea loves craft projects but hasn't done very much sewing yet. The fabric and instructions for this pillow case came in a kit and she had to cut, pin and sew it together. She'd never done French seams before so this project ended up being a family affair as mom and dad helped interpret the sewing directions and maneuver through some of the tricky machine sewing bits. The final product is a beautiful pillow case in lovely browns, blues and greens that I will enjoy using in the days ahead! The fabric has such a lovely soft but sturdy feel to it and I love the fabric pattern! Thanks Miss Bea! :)


My brother Andy's gifts are next. If was fun because I sort of made out a short wish list for him to choose off of and he not only bought just what I asked for but he went above and beyond!
First is the new Josh Groban CD! Illuminations is filled with songs mostly written by Josh himself and the melodies are especially lovely! Andy bought the limited edition CD from Barnes & Noble (love that store!) so the package included not only the CD and a booklet with photos and lyrics but also access to a live streaming online concert! Also the packaging said it included a $10 gift certificate for the Josh Groban online store but after opening the CD I found not one but two gift certificates! Wow! Andy also gave me a gift certificate I can use at K-Mart or Sears so I can't wait to do some shopping!


A while ago my old plastic recipe box cracked and got too small for the many recipes I've been filling it with. My mom helped Andy pick out this beautiful new sturdy recipe box! I just love the pretty colors, patterns, designs and textures! It included index tabs divided by types of recipes and more cards to write recipes on. I have already enjoyed reorganizing my recipe box and look forward to adding more yummy recipes!

My mom and brother also picked out these green clogs with faux fur lining that keep my ever cold feet warm and toasty on these cold winter days. I'm wearing them right now! I enjoy wearing them around the house because their sole is sturdy and the design looks and feels more like a shoe than my old slippers. The lining is also very easy to remove for washing and for Spring/Summer wearing.

My parents filled my stocking with candy, fruit, and little gifts like these cute ladybug socks, a pair of ladybug earrings and a zipper pull, also a Bible themed circle word book. I haven't done very much sewing but I really want to do more so my mom had that in mind and my love of fashion bags when she picked out this sewing kit. It's a large drawstring tote with fabric that is similar to the pillow case and I look forward to working on that project very soon! My dad bought me two Dinah Harris mystery novels by Christian author Julie Cave. This authoress is associated with Answers In Genesis ministries and takes on some world issues from a Biblical world view combining mystery and faith values. I began reading the first chapter of Deadly Disclosures and by immediately pulled into the story - they are going to be so much fun to read!

A gift my parents gave to the whole family was a trip to the cinema to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! We went to see it on Christmas day (instead of Christmas Eve, it worked into the schedule better) and we all had a blast! I promise to do a film review on Dawn Treader very soon! Another surprise was a lady who was giving away free Narnia items and she came to our family first because we were one of the few groups in the theater at the time. Miss Bea and I snatched up these t-shirts with Aslan on the front while Mom and Andy got journals and dad took the sillybands again with Narnia designs. I was so delighted and have been wearing my lovely Narnia t-shirt all day!

So, these are most of the gifts given to me by my family. I may have missed something that I can't remember right now, I got so many lovely gifts it's hard to keep track! I'm so thankful for the family and friends the Lord has blessed me with and the wonderful ways in which He continues to bless!

What Christmas blessings did you receive?

Your's Very Truly,


Anna Olivia said...

Hello Miss Laurie! =) My, what lots of lovely things you recieved!~

Have a blessed day!

Cecily said...

What lovely gifts!!


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