Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Gifts - Friends Edition

I got so many lovely gifts this year that I'm thankful for. I'd love to share the gifts I got with all of you so I've taken some photos and divided the posts up into gifts given by friends and gifts given by family.

To start out the gift receiving I won this Giveaway at Practically Pink and was so excited to get this lovely package in the mail from Janny's Girl!

I love the soft red scarf and wore it on Christmas day! Sorry this isn't the best photo of me but you can see most of the lovely scarf. Thanks to Emily and Natashja at Janny's Girl for this lovely giveaway!

My dear friend Amanda in Maryland sent me a large Christmas package filled with lovely gifts! There's two pairs of cute Christmas socks, pretty stud earrings, glittery nail polish, a vanilla candle, lotion from Bath & Body Works, a cute reindeer ornament, and yummy chocolate in a bear jar/container. This was such a fun box to open!

Before Christmas my sweet friend Sarah and her sister Katie came up from Massachusetts and I got to exchange gifts and have a lovely visit. Sarah had a lot of gifts for me like Novel Teas, packets of English Breakfast Tea with quotes by famous novelists on the tags! Also these pretty, yummy, all natural flavored candy sticks.

Sarah often shops at Christian Book Distributors so I get lovely gifts like Streams in the Desert devotional book by L.B. Cowman, Footprints of a Pilgrim by Ruth Bell Graham, and Words By Heart an inspirational film. I look forward to using both books in my devotional times and viewing the film which I've never seen before.

Sarah and Katie both know I like to write and that I collect things with ladybugs on them. Sarah gave me two lovely journals and Katie gave me the note paper and photo book all featuring charming ladybugs!

Sarah knows that I love everything old-fashioned and she found this delightful engagement calendar The Reading Woman which features delightful paintings (by some of my favorite artists) of old-fashioned ladies reading. This is going to be so much fun to use and it's already been fun to look through the lovely artwork that's featured for each month!

Katie also gave me these two beautiful journals featuring old-fashioned ladies and flowers on the covers and lined pages with quotes and verses at the top of every other page! I am already plotting out what I want to write in each book!

Second to last and probably my favorite (if I had to choose) is this lovely little volume which Sarah gave me. The Jane Austen Companion To Life is an amazing little book filled with quotes from Jane Austen's novels and writings accompanied by full color detailed illustrations by Charles & Henry Brock. These two brothers knew Miss Austen's work and did many lovely illustrations for re-printings of her major novels from 1895-1906. It is so delightful to flip through this lovely book! This is the perfect gift for any Janeite!

Last but not least Sarah gave me my very own Bananagrams game! I'd seen this game in stores but never played it before. This game is similar to Scrabble but each player has to do her own crossword set adding letter until all of the tiles are used up. This game is so much fun and I've already played several games with my family and friends!

So these are all the gifts I received from friends. I hope to do a post with gifts from family very soon. What special gifts did you receive this Christmas?

Very Truly Your's,

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katie said...

Your going to laugh, but I also got the reading womans engagement calendar (love it) and the jane austen quote books (love them!). My favorite gift this year was a sewing machine...and books! Happy New Year!

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