Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grab My Button

Thanks to all of you helpful friends who helped me figure out how to organize the code for my blog buttons. I'm so excited to present these buttons and hope you many of my followers with kindly link to me on your blogs!

Here are a few that I made using screencaps from the Wives & Daughters miniseries. I couldn't decide which one I liked better so I've just posted all of them. I've also created a separate page where blog buttons will be housed permanently. Enjoy! :)

Old-Fashioned Charm

Old-Fashioned Charm

Old-Fashioned Charm

Old-Fashioned Charm

Old-Fashioned Charm

Very Truly Your's,
Miss Laurie


Elegance of Fashion said...

They look great! I added the first one on my sidebar of my blog.

I was thinking about doing a blog button for my blog for a while and I finally got it put up. I saw some other blogs had buttons to link back to them, so I wondered whether or not I should. It's a nice edition to the sidebar! :-)

Anna Olivia said...

Oooh, how pretty! =) I'm going to grab one!

Charity U said...

I put one on Austenitis! Now I think I'll choose another to put onto Photographer at Heart. Love them!

Jemimah C. said...

I LOVE your blog!

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