Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Header

I'm so excited that December is here and Christmas is coming soon! At my house we are decorating our tree today so I'm in the decorating mood!

My Christmas header features Ramola Garai as Emma Woodhouse all dressed up for a Christmas party at the Weston's house. Also I've changed out the art in my side bar for some Christmas scenes.

Below is my previous header:

Hope you're having a lovely day and having fun with Christmas plans and activities!

Your's Very Truly,

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Elegance of Fashion said...

I love the Christmas header! I really enjoyed the 2009 version of Emma.

Charity U said...

I like them both! Emma 2009 is such a great movie! I love it. :)

Net Movie Blogger said...

I love the banner for your blog... it's beautiful! I think I've found a kindred spirit, for I adored the Emma movie, everything Jane Austen, and Anne Shirley, too, of course! Your site is truly lovely!

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