Saturday, December 3, 2011

Northanger Abbey Quiz

As many of you know Northanger Abbey is my favorite Jane Austen novel.
I always enjoy taking quizzes about Northanger Abbey and thought all of my Jane Austen fans out there might enjoy testing their knowledge of this delightful book as well!

I'm trying something new, I put all of the multiple choice questions into an online quiz maker at so you can play the quiz in the comfort of my blog.

All you need to do is enter a name (any name will do) and click start to begin answering questions.

The facts shouldn't be too difficult but the answers do come from the book and not from either of the film adaptions.

What score did you get?
Have you met the characters of Northanger Abbey once or are you a frequent visitor?

Very Truly Your's,


Abby said...

What a fun quiz! I got 18 out of 20. I am quite familiar with Northanger Abbey but I haven't read it in a while, so I was quite happy with my score :)


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

90%... Not too bad, not too bad at all! :-)

Ella said...

I got sixteen out of twenty questions right.
Thanks for the fun quiz!

Miss Dashwood said...

I have only read Northanger Abbey once (shame, shame) so I only got 14 out of 20, but I had great fun doing it. Thanks for posting this!

Melody said...

Yay! 20 out of 20! =D

Fun! =) I've met the characters of NA more than once, but I'm not quite a frequent visitor, yet.

Lauren said...

I got 15 out of 20. I have read Northanger Abbey once and it was a few years ago. I have never seen a movie adaptations though:)

Hope's Treasures said...

hello miss laurie
I have tagged you on my blog here
Rachel Hope

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