Thursday, December 8, 2011

Photos & Trailer for Great Expectations (2011)

With two new adaptations of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations in the works publicity news abounds! But there have been some recent photos and even a trailer for the BBC TV adaptation that is to air this Christmas in England (Winter 2012 on Masterpiece Theatre). I'm quite interested in this adaptation particularly because the cast looks amazing!

Character photos:
(More photos at Period Films)

Douglas Booth as Pip
Vanessa Kirby as Estella
Gillian Anderson as Miss Havisham
David Suchet as Mr. Jagger

Two Publicity Stills:

Stills from a BBC Christmas Commercial: 

And take a look at this first official preview!

I haven't read the book so I'm not sure if this adaptation will be very close to the original story, but I'm quite looking forward to seeing this film either way! It looks quite interesting! 

Are you looking forward to seeing this Great Expectations adaptation?

What do you think of the bleak light that the clips in the preview seem to be bathed in?


Lauren said...

I am looking forward to seeing both versions of Great Expectations! I think we can always use more period dramas:)And while I am not to fond of the "bleakness" myself, it really is the tone that I get when I read Dickens. Anyway, I'm excited to see what they will do with these versions!

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I recognize the music in the trailer from the church scene in Home Alone.

Do you know how long this Great Expectations will be?

Gracie said...

I've not yet read Great Expectations but this film looks wonderful! I definitely must see it. And the bleakness of it all makes it somehow intriguing and suspenseful.

JaneGS said...

Looks marvelous--can't wait. May reread GE just to get ready. Thanks for posting the photos and clip.

Melody said...

I :P I'm not a fan of Great Expectations myself. Frankly I had greater expectations of it than were fulfilled... But I'll probably still watch it. A Period Drama is a Period Drama... (Did I say it was a possum, Ma'am?...jk)

Abby said...

I haven't read Great Expectations and I'm not actually too familiar with the story, but having seen the preview I'm really excited to see this! It's so nice to have something like this on at Christmastime. The bleak light seems pretty typical for a Dickens adaptation, but it seems to have a great cast of both new talent and well-respected actors. Very much looking forward to this :)


anna olivia said...

I really would love to see this (!!!!!). But I'm a bit confused-- how could there be TWO new versions coming out?? o.O

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Miss Elizabeth Bennet,
The BBC series will be three 60 minute episodes.

Anna Olivia,
There is a three part BBC TV miniseries planned to air 2011 in Great Britain.
There's also a Feature Film which will come out in cinemas 2012.

Jemimah C. said...

I'm very excited to see this! And the other adaptation--the one with Helena Bonham Carter.

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