Saturday, December 17, 2011

Birthday Wishes From Colonel Brandon

Letter from Colonel Brandon to Miss Jane Austen on the occasion of her 236th Birthday.

Dear Miss Austen,
I earnestly hope that this letter finds you well.
There is joyful news of Mrs Brandon. After much foolish concern on my part she was delivered safely of a healthy baby girl. She is to be Elinor, after her dear aunt, and already shows a deal of her namesake's goodness. For my part I find the bonny babe to resemble her dear mama more in features and coloring. Although a son is usually to be preferred I must confess that I am glad to have a daughter if only for the Christening's sake. We had such a trouble thinking what to name a son, even though my wife's thought was that a son should have my first name.
Mrs Dashwood and Margaret were in time for her birth and and has agreed to a long stay.
Sister Elinor and brother Edward visit almost daily. Their own son Neddy has almost reached his second year.
As happy as it has been having the Ferrars living so near it can not be a permanent situation and Edward is happy at the prospect of being rector in his own Parrish.
Thank you for your kind inquiry after my ward. Our dear Eliza has formed an attachment with a young surgeon in her own village and will be married in the new year. We quite happy at her future prospects.
I am daily blessed in my darling Marianne. After my early disappointment in life I was sure true happiness was beyond my reach. How happy I am to have been proved wrong! All of my thanks must go to you, dear lady, for arranging my present bliss. Marianne is so much sweetness, loveliness and brightness of mind and certainly better than I felt myself to deserve. We two prove to be of such similar tastes and feelings. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow more fully into the elegant woman and tender mother that she is today.
Marianne has informed me that your birthday is fast approaching. Allow us to wish you joy! May the new year bring as many blessings for yourself as you have bestowed upon all of us. Marianne and everyone here send their fondest love.

I remain your humble servant,
Colonel Brandon

Much thanks to Miss Dashwood for hosting the Jane Austen Birthday Card Contest. It was fun thinking about how Jane Austen's characters were thank her for how she arranged their lives. I think Colonel Brandon would be one of the most thankful of her heroes, especially after his early disappointments with Eliza's mother.

Very Truly Your's,

Edit December 19, 2011:
Colonel Brandon's letter won 3rd place in Miss Dashwood's Birthday Card Contest. Thanks for hosting Miss Dashwood and thanks for this lovely image!


Miss Dashwood said...

I've awarded you!

Evangeline said...

This is SO beautiful!

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