Sunday, August 4, 2013

Regency Fashion Show - JA Festival 2013

Last year I did a separate post about the Regency Fashion Show at the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville, Kentucky (read it here). Because Miss Elizabeth had to leave before the Fashion Show I promised to take lots of photos. Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera battery and only had an iPhone to take photos with but I think I did get photos of each of the dresses in the show. I don't have a lot of info about each dress but I'll add a few comments when I can remember.

It was neat to see some familiar faces among the models and this young lady was one of them. Isn't her striped spencer smart! Her hat is a Roman Centurion Style and was worn in the fashion show last year.

Love these two outfits! The colors on the brown dress are so pretty!

Isn't her hat pretty!

This young lady in blue reminded me of a Fanny Price character: quiet, mousey and reserved. 

The shawl she carried was such a rich color and pattern. The lady on her left was next in the show. Her dress was such a lovely fabric! She carried a reticule with a basket on it which reminds me of the one I saw last year inside the historic house.

Her dress is a actually a ballgown and the skirt is cut above the ankles for ease in dancing. Her gloves are on a nankeen cloth that would become a deeper yellow color with use and washing. The hat she's wearing was featured in the show last year where we were told it was actually bought at Target. When Betsy Bashore asked if anyone knew where it was bought I stuck my hand up high and called out "at Target!" Hehe :)

A very pretty print dress in cotton. Love the colors and accessories!

There were just two gentlemen in the show this year.

This outfit (with the target hat above) was featured in the show last year. The spencer has the prettiest pleats in the back!

The red dress is such a pretty color and has some nice accessories!

This lady modeled for the show last year. This year she wore a similar color to last year. 

Aren't the sleeves on the blue dress interesting? I forget the exact time period of the cut but it is pretty.
The lady on her far left is next with a very smart outfit!

It's hard to describe how pretty the fabric on this dress is! It's a light yellow-ish color with rose colored flowers. The fabric is sheer-ish and laid overed the main dress fabric. The bonnet she is wearing was featured last year.

I love the color pairings on this crossover style dress. 

Longer cuffs were actually quite popular for gentlemen in this time period and masculine fashions influenced the ladies style a bit. 

The young lady on the left is wearing a popular Prussian (or was it Russian) military style hat. Love the color of her dress! 

This lovely young lady modeled a purple sari ballgown last year and this year she modeled my favorite dress from last year! The color is so gorgeous on her and the red shawl accentuates the lovely scarlet embroidery so well!

Paired with gloves and a shawl she looks set for an evening dinner.
The lady on the left wears an opera cape!

The intricate edging on the opera cape is used at the bottom of the gown she's wearing.

Such a lovely look for an evening at the opera in Bath or London!

Lastly a couple in traveling attire. The gentleman's trousers are of nankeen that turns more yellow with washing, a very popular fabric for gentlemens attire.
The lady's bonnet has a long veil perfect for keeping flies and dirt out of her face when she's traveling and hide her face from other travelers. 

Her green pelisse features lovely lace on the back!

Here is her dress after she took off her hat and pelisse. Isn't that fabric lovely!

This comb with the tines belongs to the model. She bought it and really enjoyed wearing it with her Regency costumes. Not too long after she found the red and yellow piece and even though it didn't have the tines she figured she could pin into her hair to decorate Regency updos. Then one day when she was polishing the silver comb the top broke off and she discovered that it was actually made to change out the decorative bit at the top and that the other topper fit on it perfectly - as if they were made for one another! So lovely!

Many of the regular guests at the festival have such lovely costumes that I love to admire! This young lady's outfit was perfectly styled for the warm summer day! 

You can't quite see it here but this lady's bonnet was so lovely and the trimming at the bottom of her dress was so elegant!

Miss Emily Waterman in the green spencer has the most lovely costumes, my favorite of all the costumes I saw that day, she makes them herself and they fit so nicely - like a fashion plate!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse at the Regency Fashion Show from the Jane Austen Festival! If you are planning to attend the festival next year we should really make plans to sit together during the fashion show! 

Which outfit from the show is your favorite?


Ivy said...

Oh, how pretty!

I like the brown dress in the beginning and the white dress with the red shawl.

Ugh, I can't imagine wearing a jacket in this hot weather...but they sure do look nice. :)

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

Wow! I love the summery green dress toward the end, and the white one with the red shawl. I would totally wear either of those.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Thank you so much for taking pictures! I wish I could have been there to take some pictures, but your pictures look great! I really like the blue dress (The Fanny Price Dress): it has a nice color to it!

Larissa said...

I love the green ballgown! So elegant! I also like the first one- it looked black and white/cream. I love that pattern and color scheme.

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