Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Jane Austen!

Happy Birthday Dearest Jane!

Yes, it's Jane Austen's birthday again! This is her 238th birthday! 
Last year I joined with my blogging friends for a grand and glorious Jane Austen Birthday Assembly. But this year I just don't have much time for anything, especially blogging. I have one week left and then I'm going back home to KY to see my family for Christmas! 

So how am I celebrating Jane Austen's birthday today?

Well, I'm definitely having a cup of tea with my Gram. And I will serve it from a teapot. And there will probably be cookies! ;)

And I'll try and watch a Jane Austen adaptation tonight. Something short-ish or maybe I'll watch some clips of my favorites. 

And I might take a little bit to continue my ongoing re-read of Pride and Prejudice.

And I might even:

Yeah, do the Mr. Collins wave at Gram, or maybe just the cat. Heehee! 

And I am working on a post with photos and a video for the new BBC production of Death Comes To Pemberley! Lots of photos! :)

Oh, and I'm going to post this lovely quote photo that I vaguely remember making last year.

And that's about it for this year. I should be wearing my new Jane Austen shirt and my Janeite button, and doing other lovely JA themed things but since I've spent my day cleaning house, doing laundry, crocheting Christmas gifts and then will be making soup later, I guess a quiet Jane Austen celebration is best.  

So how are you celebrating Jane Austen's birthday today?


Miss Jane Bennet said...

Happy birthday to Jane Austen! Oh, she changed my life...I shall have to do something special today. I'll probably take some of your suggestions...I've been wanting to see Emma again anyway...;)

Unknown said...

Lovely! It seems everyone had the same idea about an Austen birthday post. And how am I celebrating Jane's birthday? By celebrating my own, which is coincidentally on the same day! I even got some Austen-themed gifts... :)

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

I'm celebrating by finishing reading "Henry Tilney's Diary" by Amanda Grange, which is endearing and jolly. That's about all I have planned, I'm afraid, and it's not so much planned as just happens to be what I'm reading in the evenings right now :-o

Analiese said...

Happy birthday Jane Austen! Your comment about the Mr. Collins wave cracked me up - and cookies are a must with tea. :)
Death Comes to Pemberly sounds interesting - adaptions usually are. Looking forward to your review! Have a lovely day.

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