Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bleak House Throwdown: Ada Clare's Dresses

Back in April I posted a Throwdown game about Emma Woodhouse's dresses in Emma 2009 and in May I posted a Jane Austen Mothers Throwdown in honor of Mother's Day. This time we're focusing on the costumes worn by actress Carey Mulligan in her role as Ada Clare in the BBC miniseries Bleak House (2005). 

Don't worry, if you haven't seen Bleak House yet or aren't a Dickens fan Ada's dresses are such pretty Victorian styles that they are just fun to look at!

To Play: Take a look at Ada Clare's wardrobe below and vote for your favorites in the poll on the right sidebar. I'll post the results of the poll next week.  Leave a comment telling why the dress(es) you voted for are your favorite.

Ada's Wardrobe
Note: Ada wears some of the same dresses in multiple scenes so I couldn't remember specific scenes for each one. These are most of the dresses she wears in the miniseries but they might not be all.

(Click on photos for larger view)

#1. Triangle Bodice Dress

#2. Ruched Front Dress

#3. Tan Striped Dress

#4. Beige Checked Dress

#5. Tawny Plaid Dress

#6. Brown Checked Dress

#7. Blue Checked Dress

#8. Gray Floral Print Dress

#9. Sprigged Dress

#10. Emerald Dinner Dress

#11. Black Maternity/Mourning Dress

Think about which dresses are prettiest or which of Ada's dresses you'd like to wear yourself. 
Okay, now go vote for your favorites in the sidebar poll! 

Which of Ada Clare's dresses is your favorite?
What do you think of Ada's wardrobe overall? 
Do you think Ada's clothes match her personality and status in life?


Assumpta said...

I love your blog!! :-)

I'm a catalan Dickens fan and sometimes, when I'm looking for some information, I arrive to your "house" and today I've decided to say "hello" ;-)

Nice selection of Ada Clair's dresses! I've voted for #2. Ruched Front Dress

Sorry for my deficient English, my level is not very high

Regards from Catalonia!!

Marian said...

I love her brown checked dress! The use of earthy tones is probably Dickens-inspired...overall I think her wardrobe reflects her story really well.

Miss Dashwood said...

I love that triangle bodice dress! I wish I could find a pattern for it somewhere, I'd love to make it. So lovely!

Analiese said...

How fun, Miss Laurie! Also love the triange bodice dress. :D

AJ said...

I voted for the Brown Checked Dress, but the Gray Floral Print Dress was a close second for me. :) I have not watched Bleak House's on my list. Over all the neutral tones are a bit "boring" for me. Again, my opinion might change after watching the film.

Love your blog btw. :)

Jessica said...

My favorites are 8 and 10. :-)
Some of her dresses seem a little drab, but still very detailed.

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