Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jane Austen Name Quiz - Answers

These are the answers to the Jane Austen Name Quiz from last week. Sorry if this was a bit harder than usual but most everyone who played did a wonderful job!
The answers are next to the questions in bold and underlined.

Same Name Questions: 
Rule: Tell what first name is shared by two or more characters.
#1. Charlotte Lucas's father and husband.  - William
#2. Isabella Thorpe and Lucy Steele both have sisters named this.  - Anne
#3. Maria Rushworth's husband and Catherine Morland's brother.  - James
#4. Mrs. Croft and Miss Grey.  - Sophia
#5. What first name is shared by five men in Persuasion?  - Charles

Used Once Questions: 
Rule: Each of these names is only used once, tell which novel they appear in.
#6. Anna-Maria  - Sense and Sensibility (the Middleton's oldest daughter)
#7. Philip - Emma (Rev. Philip Elton)
#8. Julia - Mansfield Park (Julia Betram)
#9. Selina - Emma (Selina Hawkins Suckling, Mrs. Elton's sister)
#10. Lewis - Pride and Prejudice (Sir Lewis De Bourgh, Lady Catherine's deceased husband)

Which Novel Questions:
Rule: Name which novel each of these minor characters appears in or is mentioned in.
#11. John Yates - Mansfield Park (Tom's friend elopes with Julia)
#12. Mr. Shepherd - Persuasion (Sir Walter's lawyer, Mrs. Clay's father)
#13. Dr. Grant - Mansfield Park (vicar after Rev. Norris dies)
#14. Mrs. Goddard - Emma (runs boarding school Harriet Smith lives at)
#15. Mrs. Philips - Pride and Prejudice (Mrs. Bennet's sister in Meryton)
#16. James Benwick - Persuasion (Captain Wentworth & Captain Harville's friend)
#17. Mrs. Allen - Northanger Abbey (Catherine Morland's chaperone in Bath)
#18. Mrs. Younge - Pride and Prejudice (Georgiana Darcy's unfaithful chaperone)
#19. Miss Morton - Sense and Sensibility (rich lady Mrs. Ferrars wants Edward to marry)
#20. William Larkins - Emma (Mr. Knightley's steward at Donwell Abbey)

Players Score
Abby - 100 points 
Miss Melody Muffin - 100 points 
Melody - 95 points 
Livia Rachelle - 85 points 
Miss Elizabeth Bennet (Elegance of Fashion) - 85 points 
Miss Elizabeth Bennet (The Age of Elegance) - 75 points 
Miss Dashwood - 70 points 
birdienl - 45 points 
Charity U - 40 points
 Johanna - 40 points 
Emily Ruth - 30 points 
Robyn Hoode - 25 points

Thanks for playing!

The game this week will be posted on Sunday because I have a special post for later today.

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Melody said...

I shall never again forget that the Middletons had a daughter named Anna-Maria. Haha. ;-)

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