Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yet Another Musical Lyrics Game - Answers!

Photo Bonus Question - Which Disney musical film is this photo from?
Answer: Summer Magic (starring Hayley Mills and Burl Ives, a family classic!)

These are the answers to the Yet Another Musical Lyrics Game I posted last Monday. Song titles are linked to some of my favorite versions of the songs on YouTube. Thanks for playing! 

Musical Lyrics

This is livin', this is style, this is elegance by the mile
Oh the Posh, Posh  traveling life, the traveling life for me
First cabin and captain's table regal company
Whenever I'm bored I travel abroad but ever so properly
Port out, starboard home, posh with a capital P-O-S-H, Posh!
Answer: Posh! from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Wonder of wonders, Miracle of Miracles - 
God took the tailor by the hand
Turned him around and- Miracles of Miracles - Led him to the promised land!

When David slew Goliath (yes!), that was a miracle .
When God gave us manna in the wilderness, that was a miracle too.
But of all God's miracles large and small,
The most miraculous one of all 
Is the one I thought could never be: 
God has given you to me.
Answer: Miracle of Miracles from Fiddler On The Roof

We've just been introduced, 
I do not know you well, 
But when the music started 
Something drew me to your side. 

So many men and girls, 
Are in each others arms.
It made me think we might be 
Similarly occupied. 

Shall We Dance
On a bright cloud of music shall we fly? 
Shall We Dance
Shall we then say "Goodnight and mean "Goodbye"? 
Or perchance, 
When the last little star has left the sky, 
Shall we still be together 
With are arms around each other 
And shall you be my new romance? 
On the clear understanding 
That this kind of thing can happen, 
Shall We Dance
Shall We Dance
Shall We Dance
Answer: Shall We Dance? from The King And I

Aow, so loverly sittin' abso-bloomin'-lutely still. 
I would never budge 'till spring 
Crept over me windowsill. 
Someone's 'ead restin' on my knee, 
Warm an' tender as 'e can be. 'ho takes good care of me, 
Aow, wouldn't it be lovely
Loverly, loverly, loverly, loverly 
Answer: Wouldn't It Be Loverly from My Fair Lady

Passing bells and sculpted angels, cold and monumental
Seem for you the wrong companions, you were warm and gentle

Too many years
Fighting back tears
Why can't the curse just die!

Wishing you were somehow here again
Knowing we must say goodbye

Try to forgive
Teach me to live
Give me the strength to try!

No more memories
No more silent tears
No more gazing across the wasted years

Help me say goodbye
Help me say goodbye!
Answer: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from The Phantom of the Opera

I am Sixteen Going On Seventeen, I know that I'm naive 
Fellows I meet may tell me I'm sweet, and willingly I believe
I am Sixteen Going On Seventeen, innocent as a rose
Bachelor dandies, drinkers of brandies, what do I know of those
Totally unprepared am I, to face a world of men
Timid and shy and scared am I, of things beyond my ken
I need someone older and wiser, telling me what to do
You are seventeen going on eighteen, I'll depend on you 
Answer: Sixteen Going On Seventeen from Sound Of Music

Bless Your Beautiful Hide
Wherever you may be.
We ain't met yet
But I'm a willin' to bet
You're the gal for me.

Bless Your Beautiful Hide
You're just as good as lost.
I don't know your name
But I'm a-stakin' my claim
Lest your eyes is crossed.

Oh, I'd swap my gun 'n' I'd swap my mule
Tho' whoever took it would be one big fool.
Or pay your way thru cookin' school.
If 'n you would say I do.
Answer: Bless Your Beautiful Hide from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

In the rain,
The pavement shines like silver.
All the lights
Are misty in the river.
In the darkness,
The trees are full of starlight,
And all I see is him and me for ever and forever.
Answer: On My Own from Les Miserables

I've just met a girl named Maria,   
And suddenly that name 
Will never be the same 
To me. 
I've just kissed a girl named Maria
And suddenly I've found 
How wonderful a sound 
Can be! 
Say it loud and there's music playing, 
Say it soft and it's almost like praying. 
Answer: Maria from West Side Story
(more puppies are born!!!)

Are we dancing? 
Are we really here?
Is this feeling something real or will it disappear?

Are we dancing?
Does the music soar?
Was this lovely song I hear ever heard before?

Are your eyes confessing things
I alone can see
Or is my imagination
Flying away with me?

Are we dancing?
Say we really are
Then I'll know that I
Reached into the sky
I reached into the sky
And touched a star
Answer: Are We Dancing from The Happiest Millionaire

His royal highness Christopher Rupert Vwindemier Vlandamier 
Carl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman
Herman.. Gregory James is giving a ball.
The Prince Is Giving A BallThe Prince Is Giving A Ball

Our daughter's looking dreamy-eyed
The Prince Is Giving A Ball.
They say he wants to find a bride, he may find one at the ball!
If only he'd propose to me.
I pray that he'll propose to me.
Why shouldn't he propose to me?
I'll wear a gown of satin jade.
And me I'm in a pink brocade.
And me I'm in the second grade.
The Prince Is Giving A BallThe Prince Is Giving A Ball.
Answer: The Prince Is Giving A Ball from Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella

Each time I see a girl of five or six or seven
I can't resist the joyous urge to smile and say thank heaven for little girls
For little girls get bigger everyday!
Thank Heaven For Little Girls
They grow up in the most delightful way
Those little eyes so helpless and appealing
One day will flash and send you crashing to the ceiling
Thank Heaven For Little Girls
Thank heaven for them all no matter where no matter who
Without them, what would little boys do?
Thank heaven,
Thank heaven,
Thank Heaven For Little Girls
Answer: Thank Heaven For Little Girls from Gigi

I'll Know when my love comes along  
I won't take a change. 
I'll Know he'll be just what I need 
Not some fly-by-night Broadway romance. 

And you'll know at a glance by the two-pair of pants. 

I'll Know by the calm steady voice 
Those feet on the ground. 
I'll Know as I run to his arms 
That at last I've come home safe and sound. 
Until then, I shall wait. 
Until then, I'll be strong. 
Oh, I'll Know, when my love comes along. 
Answer: I'll Know from Guys and Dolls

All around the cathedral the saints and apostles
Look down as she sells her wares
Although you can't see it, 
You know they are smiling
Each time someone shows that he cares

Though her words are simple and few
Listen, listen, she's calling to you
"Feed The Birds, tuppence a bag  
Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag"
Answer: Feed The Birds from Mary Poppins

But when I try in here to tell you, dear
I love you madly, madly, Madam Librarian...Marian
It's a long lost cause I can never win
For the civilized world accepts as unforgivable sin
Any talking out loud with any librarian
Such as Marian.....Madam Librarian.
Answer: Marian The Librarian from The Music Man

Players Scores

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose - 24 points
Kiri Liz - 23 points
Miss Dashwood - 23 points
Tillie - 23 points
Sarah Grace - 22 points
Anne-girl - 20 points
Emily - 20 points
Emaline Foster - 19 points
Hayden - 19 points
Melody - 17 points
Gracie - 13 points
Ella - 8 points
Charity U - 4 points
Robyn Hoode - 4 points

Thanks for playing!


Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

What a wonderful, fun game! I enjoyed seeing all the lovely pictures that accompanied each movie and the songs that went with them! Beautifully done!

And, I've been wanting to tell you... I absolutely love the Anne theme on your blog! It takes my breath away every time I open your site... it's Stunning!

Miss Dashwood said...

Hmmm, I was never much of a fan of "Maria" but now that I've seen THAT video, it's suddenly become a much more appealing song. Heeheehee.

(I stared in confusion at the "puppies" bit underneath the link, and then Light Dawned and I clicked it straightway :D)

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