Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The High Kings!

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow!!

This post is a homage to one of my favorite Irish groups, The High Kings!
Their group consists of the amazingly talented and charming Finbarr Clancy, Brian Dunphy, Darren Holden and Martin Furey.

Michaela and Anna Olivia, this one's for you! ;)

I first heard about The High Kings back in 2008 when they were advertised on the Celtic Woman website. I immediately checked them out and loved their sound. I loved them so much I went right out and bought their DVD concert The High Kings: Live In Dublin. I was hooked!

My personal favorites in the group are Finbarr Clancy and Brian Dunphy (at right in photo). But comparing High Kings is a bit like comparing different types of chocolate - they are all so good it's a bit pointless!

I currently own only their DVD concert and the Christmas compilation album which I really enjoy. Their two CDs are on my wishlist though and I hope to buy them as soon as I'm able!

Some of my favorite songs:

Marie's Wedding 

Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore

Red Is The Rose

The Fields of Athenry

And there's so many more lovely tunes! I don't think I could even try to choose a favorite!

I adore their harmonies as they join their voices together. I also enjoy the variety of instruments they play in their concerts. By all accounts they are as charming in person as their voices are in song. My dearest wish is to one day see The High Kings live and meet them in person! Until then I love searching YouTube for videos of their various appearances. 

Keep up the awesome work lads! You are loved!

Okay, comment away!

Have you heard of The High Kings before? 
What do you think of them? 
Do you have a favorite singer from the group? 
Do you have a favorite song they sing?
What's your favorite type of chocolate?



Bea said...

I've heard them before! Not live, but I would like to! I like Darren's voice, although I enjoy them all. Oh, favorite song, uhm...well, I like Marie's Wedding and Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore. As for chocolate, I like just a plain Hershey chocolate bar from the freezer... =D

~Miss Bea

Anna Olivia said...

This is a fabulous post~ <3 I'm so glad you like THK's too, and so much!!!!!! Good to see! :D

-I adore The High Kings [as you already know.] They are my favorite music group ever.

-I've been a devoted fan since Feb. 2008.

-I've seen them live in concert twice so far.

-I am a fan of all their FB pages, friends with all the guys on facebook, and have received real life hugs and kisses from them! Plus two of them wished me happy birthday ON my facbook wall! eek! <3

-They're Irish. They're adorable. They're enchanting. They're talented. What is there NOT to love?? ;)

-They've made my life a little extra special. HK's forever!

Michaela said...

Lovely, lovely! This is an EXCELLENT post!

(btw, have I ever mentioned that I visit your blog pretty frequently? :D I know that yours is the place to come when I'm looking for a movie review - you normally have something interesting posted! :) I also really appreciate your sweet attitude towards never seem to be offended when someone doesn't agree with an opinion, and always bounce back with a smile! We need more bloggers like you!! :D

Anyway - its super early, so I'm rambling. ;) So nice to wake up to a post about my favorite Kings! You already know how I feel about them, ^_^ hehe, so I'll just go ahead and answer a few questions...

First off, all the guys are the SWEETEST, so its kinda difficult to choose a favorite. However I keep going back to Darren, partly because he was the very first one I met. PLUS he has a very versatile and well trained voice. He has many (or MANy, as an Irishmen would say, :P ) different tones and styles in the way he sings. It really adds a dynamic touch to the group, though they are all so talented! - look up 'The Town I Love So Well'. Hoping he'll make a single of it!!

Sooooo anyway - I LOVE this post. oh, and my favorite chocolate is DARK. As in VERY dark. B-)

~ Michaela

Anna Olivia said...

Ooops.... I should have answered all your questions. =/ It's early here, so I just named all the points of my fanship. hehehehe!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Anna Olivia, lovely! So fun to hear about your fanship! That's so lovely that received birthday wishes from the lads! They are SO enchanting! :)

Michaela, thanks so much for your sweet comments about my blog! I really enjoy posting and learning through my research. Thank you for following and checking back often, comments like yours always make my day! Darren singing 'The Town I Love So Well' is great I really enjoy his voice!

Thank you for all your comments ladies, I really love them! :)

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