Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Irish Ballads: My Lagan Love

I grew up listening to a lot of different styles of music, and one of my favorite style is folk music particularly old ballads from Scotland, England and Ireland.

In this next series of posts I will be highlighting some of my favorite Irish ballads and the talented artists who sing them.

My Lagan Love
Where Lagan stream sings lullaby
There blows a lily fair
The twilight gleam is in her eye
The night is on her hair
And like a love-sick lennan-shee
She has my heart in thrall
Nor life I owe nor liberty
With love is lord of all.

And sometimes when the beetle's horn
Hath lulled the eve to sleep
I steal unto her shieling lorn
And thru the dooring peep.
There on the cricket's singing stone,
She spares the bogwood fire,
And hums in sad sweet undertones
The song of heart's desire
-The song of heart's desire.

This video of Lynn Hilary singing My Lagan Love is from the DVD concert of Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart, which was shot at Powerscourt House and Gardens.

Historical Info: "My Lagan Love" is a traditional Irish song from the 15th to 16th century found in Donegal. It was written during a time in Irish history when it was forbidden to write openly about Ireland, or express love, devotion, or nationalism towards the country. The Irish had decided to write songs that indirectly would reference their love for their mother country; they would refer to Ireland as a beautiful woman. Hence, "My Lagan Love" speaks poetically about a beloved woman which is also a beloved homeland. The Lagan is the river that runs through Belfast. - Wikipedia

Singer: Lynn Hilary is a Dublin native with a Bachelor of Music performance. After singing mostly classical music, she moved to Celtic music to be able to "use [her] natural vocal range". She was part of the Irish choral group AnĂșna from 2000-2007. She released a solo album Take Me With You in 2008. She has toured with Celtic Woman as one of the soloists for the Isle of Hope tour and the ongoing show Songs from the Heart.

Celtic Woman is one of my all time favorite Celtic groups. I really like Lynn Hilary's smooth sweet voice and her version of My Lagan Love is so gentle just like a lullaby! I also think she's very pretty and that's why I posted so many photos of her!

Do you have any favorite singers who sing this song? 
Thoughts on Celtic Woman or Lynn Hilary?



Elizabeth said...

I have been getting into Celtic music, I have not quite gotten to Celtic Woman yet. I have been working my way through as much Loreena Mckennitt as I could. :) I have not hear this song be for! It is very lovely!


Anna Olivia said...

OH MY!!!!!!! My sisters and are cracking up! Brian Dunphy of The High Kings is in that video... the guy fixing his coat collar @ 2:57 in the audience. Amazing. =) No wonder he was there, though, being that he sang in Riverdance with Lynn. I love their rendition of Lift the Wings.

Miss Laurie said...

You're right, it's totally him!!!! That's wonderful! :) I didn't know they sang in Riverdance together. I'll have to go check out that song you mentioned. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! :D

Jemimah said...

I've heard Charlotte Church's version of "My Lagan Love". She sang well. It's too bad she doesn't sing that way anymore. I also love Celtic Woman!

Carol said...

I'm brasilian, and I love celtic songs, is so sweet, and there always an historical context behind it. Well, I really like of The Corrs version of "My Lagan Love", they adapted from their style, but is very loyal! :)

Carl said...

Lynn Hillary is an absolute angel. Her voice is amazing and she personifies feminine beauty. Thank you for this great site and for recognizing this amazing Celtic Woman.

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