Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Amazing Day!

Rainy day in Ireland

My mom and I left the house early this morning and after taking my dad to work we enjoyed breakfast sandwiches and coffee. We had a little time to kill so we enjoyed browsing through lovely things at Target and Goodwill. No purchases this time, it was just fun to look!

Late in the morning we headed over to church (one we used to attend) to attend the funeral for a dear older lady. There's something wonderful about attending funerals for dear saints and celebrating their home going! I don't know how to explain it really. When you're with other believers remembering the God honoring life of a believer it's hard to be sad. This particular lady was such an example of hospitality, kindness, generosity and following the Lord. My mom and I were able to catch up with many old friends and we left really encouraged to have spent time with amazing Christian family! 

It was really raining when we left the funeral but we had some more time to kill before we had to pick up my dad from work. 

So mom and I tried to visit one of my favorite antique shops but it wasn't open.

So can you guess what we did instead?
We went to see a movie!

Not just any movie! We went to see The King's Speech!!!!!!
This is a movie I've really been wanting to see but I thought I'd have to wait until it was released on DVD. 
As mom and I were pulling out of the church we noticed a local cinema was showing this film. We were late getting into the theater and missed the first 10-15 minutes of the film, but we were both so glad we went!

The King's Speech is amazing!!!! Colin Firth was brilliant!!! We laughed, we cried, we fully enjoyed it! It did have some swearing like we'd heard, so I'm glad we didn't have my sister with us, and I'm even happier that they plan to release a DVD version without the swearing! I really want to see the movie again in it's entirety before I review it, but I probably won't wait that long. It was such a great movie!

My mom and I are praising the Lord for a wonderful day filled with many blessings! 

How has your day been going? What blessings has the Lord sent your way?

Very Truly Your's,


Melody said...

If they non-PG13 it on a DVD release, I'd sure like to know! :)

Miss Laurie said...

Charleybrown over at Enchanted Serenity of Period Films told me that they're supposed to be releasing a DVD copy here in the USA that has the language dubbed out. This would be wonderful because except for those two strains of ugly language the film was so amazing!

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I can't wait for The King's Speech to be released on DVD!

Charity U said...

I really want to see it! Everyone loves it, except the language part.

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